Wonderland Features New Fred Waves Single ‘Feel It In My Bones’

Wonderland Features New Fred Waves Single ‘Feel It In My Bones’

FRED WAVES is the exciting new indie rock project from Berlin-based Swedish musician and producer Fredrik Sundqvist that has been five years in the making. Conceived in his Katrineholm hometown in Sweden back in 2019, before taking its full form in the middle of the global pandemic, firstly in Berlin, Germany, and then in Florida, in the United States, Fred Waves made its official debut in December 2022 with the excellent debut single ‘Take My Time’, before starting 2023 with two glorious new tracks ‘Sweet Haze’ and ‘Dead Flowers’.

Heading into summer 2023 and a slew of solstice gigs in Sweden and Germany, Fred Waves is back with a dreamy new single titled ‘Feel It In My Bones’, as featured in Wonderland, that speaks to the very origins of his indie rock project. Written in his Katrineholm apartment, just as Fred Waves was about to leave his hometown for Germany in 2019, the single explores feeling the dissonance of our inner lives with our immediate surroundings, and realising that we can take over the reins of our lives, and free ourselves from the real and imagined walls that try to make us conform, and hold us back.

With Fred Waves working on different iterations of this single in three different countries, Sweden, Germany and the United States, it’s only right that ‘Feel It In My Bones’ is also driven by an international supporting cast of musicians and collaborators. The track was co-produced by Fred Waves and Dutch musician Bo Keijmel, who also plays bass on the track, with German and Serbian natives Hendrick Görsch and Filip Jankovic on lead guitar and rhythm guitar respectively, while Italian musician Giorgio Murer delivers on drums, and Max Glass from Germany is on keys.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Fred Waves says, “This song is one of the first Fred Waves songs that was ever written, and it’s been through a lot since the original version was recorded on an old MacBook back in 2019. The final version really encapsulates the spirit of this project, and shows the musical ground on which the project stands, with its playful and classic indie rock roots. The song is about contemplating your past mistakes and realizing that your future does not have to be chained down by them, you can dance through life instead!”


Fred Waves spent his teens playing with local Swedish bands, and exploring diverse sounds, from death metal to hip-hop, and in 2019, his insatiable hunger for new inspiration led him to Berlin, where he studied at BIMM Berlin for a year. In the midst of this, the global pandemic hit, and Fred Waves spent Berlin’s hard lockdowns writing songs and maturing his sound further, and as the world began to open back up, he flew to Florida to record an album that never materialised. While there, he dove head-first into Florida’s live music scene, gigging intensely for a few months, before heading back to Berlin in 2022.

After spending the past few years sinking his teeth in live music circuits across Sweden, Florida, and Berlin, performing with different local bands, and recording the music he has been penning since 2019, Fred Waves is excited to finally be able share all of that music with the world on his own terms. He will be spending the rest of the year releasing much more music, touring Sweden, and Germany, and enjoying this Fred Waves project to the fullest with his collaborators and new listeners looking for an honest and pure indie rock sound with heartfelt lyrics and howling guitar solos.

July 8 – Vedlogen Forssjö, Katrineholm, Sweden
September 2 – nHow Hotel, Berlin, Germany

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