Popdust Premieres New Electric Pineapple Single ‘Good Girls, Bad Habits’

Popdust Premieres New Electric Pineapple Single ‘Good Girls, Bad Habits’

Fast-rising London-based production duo ELECTRIC PINEAPPLE are back with their brand new single and third offering of 2018 titled ‘Good Girls, Bad Habits’ featuring singer-songwriter Ben Lythe and mysterious newcomer Raven, as premiered via Popdust. This new single from Electric Pineapple comes on the back of an exciting summer for the duo, where they released ‘Bad Influence’ and ‘Stay’ to rave reviews and support, with both singles breaking into the Music Week Commercial Pop Top 30 charts.

Made up of Andrew Kingslow and Trina Smith, Electric Pineapple come with massive pedigree and many years of experience in the UK music industry, having worked with the likes of M.I.A, Lily Allen, Future Cut and Virgin/EMI, among others and racking up millions of plays on their productions along the way. In 2018, they have come into the forefront as artists in their own right, delivering some of the most exciting and infectious electronic pop and dance music of the year.

Their new single ‘Good Girls, Bad Habits’ is a lush dance-floor filler, which starts off as a slow burner before exploding into this massive club banger. Backed by dirty synths, infectious drum patterns and a heavy bassline, the track is excellently held together by the glorious vocal performances and chemistry between Ben Lythe and Raven, plus clever songwriting from Kingslow and Lythe, making for what is sure to be another future hit record for Electric Pineapple.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Good Girls, Bad Habits’, Electric Pineapple say, “the record tells the story of taking love for granted, how we don’t always know what we had until it’s taken away. Time gives you the perspective to see things from other angles but sometimes that’s too late! ‘I wish I’d never let you go’ is the moment where pride has gotten in the way of love, then the dawning realisation that you messed things up and the love has gone”.

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Popdust x Electric Pineapple

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