Notion Magazine Features New Crownz Single ‘Where Dem Dey’

Notion Magazine Features New Crownz Single ‘Where Dem Dey’

Introducing Cameroonian rising star CROWNZ with his brave and fearless new single ‘WHERE DEM DEY’, as featured in Notion Magazine. Coming on the back of the success of his summer hit track ‘My Mind’, which has amassed nearly half a million plays online, ‘Where Dem Dey’ serves as the precursor to Crownz’s highly anticipated upcoming EP arriving in early 2024 via French independent label MCP Group. The empowering afrorap and dancehall fusion track ‘Where Dem Dey’ is a call for listeners to stand firm against oppression and injustice. Released against a backdrop of suppression and adversity in his home country Cameroon, Crownz is encouraging his people to stand on business, as he aims to bring prosperity and power back to the people. According to Crownz, “We are the voice for those who can’t speak up. The nation is going through trying times, and all I want to do is fight for my people that are being suppressed”.

‘Where Dem Dey’ is more than just a musical composition; it’s a resonating anthem of empowerment and resistance. Crafted in the vibrant atmosphere of Senegal, Crownz and his producer Jayon OTB have birthed a song that transcends mere soundwaves, becoming a rallying cry for unity and strength for his community in Cameroon. The use of hip-hop chords lends the track a unique and captivating rhythm, syncing perfectly with Crownz’s vision of a track that not only resonates with listeners, but also vibrates with a frequency of empowerment, resistance, and activism. The song represents his commitment to defend and advocate for his people, especially during these trying times. It’s a declaration of his role as a protector and a leader, fighting against the suppression faced by his nation.

At the heart of ‘Where Dem Dey’ lies a profound message that questions the status quo, and challenges the fears that stop us from rising against our oppression. Crownz reflects on the feeling of being at war, not just in a literal sense, but in a fight against societal injustices. His goal through this song is to restore faith, courage, solidarity, and power among his people. This sentiment is visually brought to life in the music video for ‘Where Dem Dey’, with Crownz turning the streets of Cameroon into a canvas depicting the raw and unfiltered realities of life, while also showcasing the strength and courage of those who are often unheard and unseen. Through ‘Where Dem Dey’, Crownz is making a bold statement and inspiring action, underlining his role as an artist who doesn’t just create music, but sparks significant change.

Cameroonian rising star Crownz stands as an emblematic figure that is staking a claim for Central Africa in today’s contemporary global music landscape. Known as the ‘Little Prince of Africa’, Crownz is a multi-talented artist who skilfully blends elements of hip-hop and R&B with afrobeats and dancehall to create a compelling sound that’s both innovative and resonant. His journey is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance, starting from his formative years when music became his constant companion. Crownz is already making his mark, showcasing his distinct voice and songwriting prowess, with over one million streams, and support from the likes of TRACE, Canal 2, and France 24. Fluent in both French and English, he connects a diverse global audience, further amplifying his resonance and influence.

Crownz’s musical odyssey began in his early childhood, influenced by his mother’s love for music and his exposure to various artists. By the age of six, he was already delving into the world of music, a period he fondly remembers as the best time of his life. This early exposure laid the foundation for his deep-seated love for music. During his time at boarding school, Crownz honed his songwriting skills, penning songs every other day for seven years. This rigorous practice nurtured his talent and fuelled his passion for music, paving the way for his future success. In 2022, he took a significant leap in his career by signing with French independent label MCP Group, marking a new chapter in his journey as an artist. Crownz is not just an artist; he’s a vibrant voice of Africa, ready to empower and inspire his listeners.

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