Discobelle Premieres New Vallé Track ‘Uh Oh’

Discobelle Premieres New Vallé Track ‘Uh Oh’

Shortly on the back of his latest single ‘Star’, Fast-rising New Zealand Hip Hop and R&B artist, singer and songwriter VALLÉ circles back with his brand new track ‘Uh Oh’, as premiered by Discobelle, and taken from his highly anticipated debut mixtape ‘Care For Me’. ‘Uh Oh’ and ‘Star’ come on the back of a trio of singles, ‘Pluto’, ‘Calling You’ and ‘No Love’, which Vallé has released this year to rave reviews from fans and critics alike, leading to over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone, for the emerging Christchurch artist.

Speaking about the inspiration for ‘Uh Oh’, Vallé says, “I think if I’m to be honest, ‘Uh Oh’ was birthed out of a fragile point in my relationship with my lady, where I had put myself in a situation where my integrity was compromised. The song kind of just spilled out without too much thought and was also the first recorded song from my upcoming ‘Care For Me’ mixtape.

I end the verse with a verse that is like the dude in the narrative giving up trying to convince the other half that he loves her, he leaves and mentally is having an internal dialogue thinking ‘fuck it, if you aren’t going to believe me then what’s the point anyway’, he then goes and sneaks into someone else’s room (not that it happened but I wanted to dramatize the experience).

What happens with people if you treat them out of a belief that they are untrustworthy, they usually do untrustworthy things, because the way you put boundaries can be un-empowering, whereas giving trust on the other hand can be very empowering… Obviously this has its exclusions and limitations due to each situation context“.

Revered for his honest music, and not shying away from vulnerability in his records, Vallé is the brainchild of Enjalas Jenkinson, who began writing poetry and songs at the age of 10. Under the moniker Enjalas, Jenkinson honed his craft within the local Christchurch music scene, supporting New Zealand rap stalwarts like JessB, Smashproof, and UnchainedXL. Fast forward to 2019, and he is exciting to introduce the world to his new project, VALLÉ, which is already being championed by New Zealand tastemakers including Under The Radar, Mia FM, Flava Radio, and New Zealand Music Commission.

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