Babezine’s Missguided Discovered Interviews LYNE About Her Debut EP ‘Bipo Feels’

Introducing 23-year old London-based Belgian Congolese songstress LYNE, who – after teasing us with three well-received introductory singles in the past couple of years that have seen her garner strong support from the likes of Capital Xtra, Reprezent Radio, MNM Belgium, Tarmac, and Pulse88 Radio, among others – is excited to unveil her brand new debut EP titled Bipo Feels. She spoke with Missguided for an interview to discuss the project.

Produced by frequent collaborator D.E.W.I, Lyne’s Bipo Feels EP is an exquisite and expansive R&B offering, with lush afrobeats, soul and rap sensibilities sprinkled across the project, to make it all the more interesting of a listening experience for fans and critics alike. Led by Lyne’s angelic and immersive voice, and her honest and relatable songwriting, as well as D.E.W.I’s glorious musical backdrops, the Bipo Feels EP sees Lyne at her most vulnerable, as she opens up about an undecisive time in her life, which she describes as “those moments where you can have different feelings towards a man you love”.

From Lyne expressing how she is hopelessly in love with her man on the opening track ‘Together’, to the following track ‘Not Sorry’, which sees Lyne expressing her frustration with this same man, leading her to even switch between English and her native French language to convey her annoyances, the theme of the EP quickly flips on its head, and by the third track ‘All Mine’, Lyne has done a complete 180-degree switch, as she now professes to want this same man all for herself, but on the EP’s final track ‘9PM’, she finds out her man is cheating on her, and all hell breaks loose, with seemingly fatal consequences.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her Bipo Feels EP, Lyne says, “Writing this EP really helped me release some thoughts I feel like I couldn’t really open up about. Having doubts, and not being able to see clearly, while feeling different emotions at the same time, all caused by the same person, can be very frustrating. We say that there is a thin line between love and hate and I totally believe that. Intense love can seem so lasting and forever that it’s almost surrealistic when we realize how quickly it can turn into anger. I want this EP to be a message of support to anyone feeling that confusion about what their heart is saying, at times. You are not alone but keep praying and God will show you what you need to see”.

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