Soul Tracks Features New Flo Kwassi ‘Monsters’ Video

Soul Tracks Features New Flo Kwassi ‘Monsters’ Video

Introducing emerging French Canadian chanteuse Flo Kwassi with the glorious new music video for ‘Monsters as featured in Soul Tracks, directed by Mathieu Joly Hugo Slavinski, and taken from her exciting new debut EP also titled Monsters.

Written by Flo, produced K33lan, who has previously worked with Bruno Mars, Kelly Rowland, and Eminem, among others, and mastered by Harris Newman (Wolf Parade, Cirque du Soleil, Chet Faker), the 3-track EP is an exquisite alternative pop offering with infectious melodies, powerful vocal displays, gripping songwriting, and lush indie and pop-soul sensibilities.

Inspired by lost love, Flo Kwassi crafted the EP on her travels between Montreal and Staten Island, during which she decided to fight her monsters, hence the title of the EP. She uses the project to open up about conquering her fears, and acknowledging her addictions as the first step to fighting them, with the EP’s title track ‘Monsters’ calling for guts over fears, ‘Dark Side’ tackling addiction and the best way to fight it, and EP closer ‘Snake Eyes’ offering a cautionary tale for lovers.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her Monsters EP, Flo Kwassi says, “I feel like I wasn’t really ever able to even stand. To set my feet on the ground. Like everything is slippery. It leaves a sting and a feeling of imprisonment. Of forced silence. But it is always in my darkest moments that I find lights. Through toxic relationship, betrayal, and addiction, I found strength and I found love. I know it can sound super kitsch, but it is what it is. Everything always begins from that place”.

She goes on to add, “I wanna be the rain, I also wanna be a glimpse of sun through a broken shell, because I’m a beautiful disaster in every way. And he was like an old letter that was forgotten and then found in the back of a mailbox. Bringing all kinds of memories melodies, melancholy, and ironic revelations. That is my breakthrough and that inspires me every day, and as I’m healing, I am also terrified to never be in the rain again”.


Born in the suburbs of Montreal to a French Canadian mother and an Ivorian father, and having spent her childhood travelling between Europe and North America, and soaking up both cultures, Flo Kwassi’s Ivorian, French and Canadian heritage have played a major role in her creativity, and the truly eclectic nature to her art and creative process. Taking inspiration from a diverse group of musicians, from Lenny Kravitz and Vanessa Paradis to Wu Tang Clan and Bjork, Flo Kwassi comes with an unmatched vocal tone with enthralling emotion, and a glorious voice that is uniquely her own.

Flo Kwassi spent her formative years in the Canadian music scene working with Montreal veteran Debbie Tebbs, Cliché Musique, and Universal Music Canada, while also getting the chance to meet and perform with her musical idol and legend Stevie Wonder. Over the past five years, the French Canadian chanteuse has been honing her craft as a vocal student of Corneliu Montano and Richard di Renzi, and defining her own sound, which she is excited to reveal on her debut EP Monsters.

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