Wordplay Magazine Interviews BVNK About His ‘BVNK Season’ EP

Wordplay Magazine Interviews BVNK About His ‘BVNK Season’ EP

Coming on the back of his acclaimed Emo Season N Tough Times project, which was released at the start of the year, exciting up and coming Denver rap artist and songwriter BVNK is not resting on his laurels as he unveils his second project of 2021 titled BVNK Season, marking his fifth EP in just over two years.

The 8-track project is all about self-love, according to BVNK, who says, “I made this record as therapy for healing, for a way to regain my self-confidence and find joy in myself. It’s for everyone that has been living their life for other people and feeling heavy laden, this is to rid ourselves of that kind of negativity”. He who recently spoke with Wordplay Magazine about the EP and much more.

Produced by frequent collaborators Viikaden and Yemi25, with additional contributions from Miami
beatsmith Luda Bandz and Atlanta duo TrackTeam. BVNK Season is a captivating fusion of hip-hop, trap and R&B, driven by BVNK’s infectious rap-singing flow, vivid storytelling and wordplay, as well as his personal, honest and relatable lyrics – from the unapologetic opening track ‘My Life’, which sees BVNK taking control of his life, and ‘Impatient’ about trying to fix a toxic relationship, to the catchy ‘Know Me’ where BVNK is crying out for love and acceptance, and the life-affirming and uplifting ‘Oh U’, to the spiritually grounded ‘Blessings’ about gratitude and the perfect short and sweet track ‘Float II’ to close.

Speaking about his inspiration behind BVNK Season and how the project came together, BVNK says, “we’ve all doubted ourselves; we’ve all been down and wondered what our life is all about but creating ‘BVNK Season’ helped me get out of that negative space, and I hope it can help listeners lift themselves up and be the light they need. Through this project, I discovered that if you find self-confidence, you truly find yourself. All these songs are so real and personal to me, from me documenting the emotional state of being lonely to finding self-love and value in myself. I really hope people can relate to this record. Feel free, replace BVNK in the title with your name, rid yourself of negativity and be renewed”.

Born in Nigeria, raised in the UK and now living in North America, BVNK [pronounced BANK] is a musical product of his environment. His music is a melting pot of melodic rap/sung, hard-hitting hip-hop and lush R&B, flavoured with indie music sensibilities, while his storytelling and songwriting are informed by his life-long experiences that have spanned three different continents. It’s these experiences that have pushed him to challenge his thoughts and societal norms, as you will hear throughout his music. Believing that his experiences are much like those of his listeners, his ultimate goal is to uplift people with his music that knows no bounds, because as BVNK always says, “music is the language we all understand”.

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