ThisIsRnB Premieres New LaDé Single ‘Teaser’

ThisIsRnB Premieres New LaDé Single ‘Teaser’

Introducing up and coming Congolese Canadian singer and songwriter LADÉ with her bold and sensual debut single titled ‘TEASER’, as premiered via This Is RnB, perfectly timed for release on Valentine’s Day.

Written and produced with burgeoning Ottawa-based artist and musician Jeff Sanon, ‘Teaser’ gives us the first taste of what to expect from her upcoming debut EP, which is set to be released in the summer. Backed by lush minimalist R&B musical soundscapes, LaDé uses her new track ‘Teaser’ to showcase her enchanting and sultry vocal performance, sensual harmonies, and captivating songwriting dexterities that combine beautifully to deliver an infectious and undeniably smooth R&B masterclass.

Speaking about the inspiration for Teaser’, LaDé says, “The song is about the desire to become a better version of yourself after experiencing a rather toxic relationship, and then showing off that better version to the infamous ex, because your best revenge is your comeback. It’s a true story about my recovery process after a particular bad break up. We tend to subconsciously allow how other people, specifically our significant others, view us, what they think of us and do to us, depreciate our value as individuals but Teaser is my way of reminding an ex-lover of what they lost and will never get back – a temporary tease for one night if you will. The track is about growing mentally, physically, and spiritually after experiencing a relationship that negatively impacted your life, and unapologetically displaying that growth”.

Going further to expand on how the track came about, LaDé adds that, “It’s about appreciating your past mistakes and flaunting your renewed self in the presence of the one who wronged you; displaying a change in perspective, and confidence. I’ve always taken an interest in artists like Aaliyah, and more recently Teyana Taylor and Ari Lennox, who evoke a sensual feeling and smooth late 90’s/early 2000’s R&B vibe through their music, and that’s what inspired me sonically for Teaser. My producer Jeff randomly sent me this beat, which perfectly captured and embodied that era of R&B music, I felt an instant connection to the music, and immediately freestyled a hook to it, and gradually wrote the lyrics of the song with Jeff’s help”.

Born in Congo-Kinshasa and raised in Brampton, Ontario, LaDé proudly highlights her diverse heritage and culture through her music, as can be heard on ‘Teaser’, which sees the rising star singing in both the English and French languages, and while she might be steeped in R&B and soul sensibilities, her music is also a melting pot of world music, hip-hop, and pop music fused together with her R&B mainstay. Ever since she could remember, LaDé had always been a penchant for music, but her mostly reserved nature saw her blending in as part of a girl group with her cousins, and later as part of her secondary school choir, but her mantra that “one must always strive to be fearless and live out their full potential” is now seeing her take the first steps to sharing her talent with the world front and centre.

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