The Pit LDN Interviews Lyves About Her New Single ‘The System’

The Pit LDN Interviews Lyves About Her New Single ‘The System’

With tastemakers like Complex, Wonderland and Spotify getting behind the new Lyves era, by championing her latest single ‘Shame’, adding to the momentum that the independent London-based artist, songwriter and producer has been building all year, on the back of critical acclaim from BBC Radio 1, The FADER, and COLORS, among others, for her earlier singles from this spring ‘How Would It Feel’ and ‘Change’, LYVES is excited to reveal the progressive soul masterpiece ‘THE SYSTEM’, which will serve as one final teaser before her long-awaited and highly anticipated sophomore EP Change arrives on November 18. She sat down with The Pit LDN for an interview about the new single.

Raw and storytelling in its tone, and embedded in a cinematic universe sonically, ‘The System’ sees Lyves at her very best. The progressive soul offering boasts production by Lyves herself, along with Mercury-Prize nominated musician Dave Okumu (Adele, Jessie Ware, Amy Winehouse, St. Vincent), with Okumu also adding his signature guitar arrangements and vocals into the mix. As Lyves explains, “Dave’s additional vocals also added a new dimension for me – his presence and voice feel like a protective backbone to the song. His vocals emulate and witness what I was expressing and feeling at the time, reflecting it back. It was a precious collaborative moment”.

Speaking about her inspiration behind ‘The System’, Lyves says, “‘The System’ feels like the most empowering song I’ve written about love to date – it is an ode to self-love, growth, and healing. The song came about after recognising I no longer wanted to choose pain in love – I wanted to step away from unavailable people and situations that hurt. I learnt that sometimes we unconsciously choose love that will be painful, but once this is uncovered and understood, you can’t unsee it, and you begin choosing better and higher for yourself. It was incredibly liberating to write, and feels even more unshackling to release”.


Lyves is the amazing solo project of British-born Italian Australian singer, songwriter, and producer Francesca Bergami. Deeply inspired by music that feels raw and deeply personal, Lyves draws influences from sonic soundscapes that run the eclectic gamut, from Enya, Moby, and Philip Glass to Bill Withers, Frank Ocean, and James Blake. Despite coming to music quite “late”, having studied psychology and worked as a mental health advocate for sectioned children and adults, Lyves has been able to channel that advocacy role into her music, where she supports and nurtures her listener into healing, honesty, growth, and empowerment.

With over 60 million streams online and critical acclaim from global tastemakers including Rolling Stone, NME, BBC 6 Music and KEXP, Lyves is revered for her emotive lyrical themes, empowering voice, and making music that digs deep. Having taken the past two years away from the limelight to hone her craft as a producer and songwriter even further, Lyves is excited to bring listeners into this new era of her music, which feels even more revealing, raw and free than previous works, underpinned by a fusion of genre influences, from jazz, Motown and soul to experimental electronica, folk and R&B, which has always been at the heart of what she does.

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