The FADER Premieres New Jim Legxacy EP ‘The Dynasty Program’

The FADER Premieres New Jim Legxacy EP ‘The Dynasty Program’

Introducing exciting new UK alternative rapper, singer, producer and composer JIM LEGXACY with his resounding genre-bending debut project titled DYNASTY PROGRAM, as premiered by The FADER.

Led by punchy hard hitting lyricism about his life, family, community and world view, over a captivating musical backdrop that fuses UK rap, R&B, alternative rock and hip-hop, to great effect, Dynasty Program, is undoubtedly one of the best UK debut projects of the year. Written and produced by Jim Legxacy, who comes highly recommended if you like Slowthai, Octavian, Dave, Lancey Faux, or Skepta, the Dynasty Program EP, which is short for ‘Dynasty Program: A Metrical Composition Inspired By The Nights Spent As The RAIIDER’, is “something I hope people find some form of comfort in”, according to Legxacy.

With a musical origin that can be found in an early affinity for ‘90s alternative rock bands such as Skillet and Three Days Grace, and a love and appreciation for hip hop and R&B as he grew older, with special interest in the likes of Frank Ocean and Kanye West, Jim Legxacy took inspiration from the music he fell in love, and began creating his music, with his first titled ‘Plethora (SNH)’ landing on Soundcloud in April 2018, to rave reviews. A slew of tracks followed, as he continued to hone his craft further, leading up to this pivotal moment, for the exciting alternative rap newcomer, who wears his heart on his sleeves throughout this project.

The 7-track offering is a brilliant concept record, which sees South East London native Jim Legxacy on a journey to “a darker, sharper and better version of himself that has come to terms with all losses and trauma of his past”, in a bid to be accepted into the ‘Dynasty Program’, which aims to “extract poverty and transgressions from your lineage”. Despite the EP opening with ‘System Calibrating’, the story starts at the halfway point of the EP, with ‘Willyoustabmeinmyheart’ and ends with ‘RAIIDER’, as he tackles a multitude of problems and trauma that he has to unpack, including racism, substance abuse, heartache and family, in one of the most refreshingly vulnerable and honest manners, we’ve heard in recent times.

From ‘Willyoustabmeinmyheart’ about the after effects of a long term relationship breakup, over a dual and abrupt trap and acoustic guitar backdrop, and ‘Treehouse Act 1&2’, which sees Jim Legxacy opening up about his struggles with alcohol and weed as escapism, versus his need for closure, to his veiled homage to the city of London, the people that make it what it is, and the issues we’re all going through, on ‘There’s A Lot Going On The City Right Now’, and ‘Bloodstains II’, which unpacks the racism and xenophobia that his father endured to provide him a ‘better’ life in the UK, and what he has done with it, Jim Legxacy’s Dynasty Program EP makes for a truly gripping and exhilarating listen from start to finish.

Speak about the inspiration for his Dynasty Program EP, Jim Legxacy says, “this record is inspired by multiple events in the past 2 years of my life and they detail my struggles, frustrations and dualities, in summary it is the creative expression that represents the development of a young black male in south east London dealing with things such as love, racism (institution & societal), substance abuse for escapism, death and the imprisonment of loved ones, overprotective parenting, immigration & and the pressures of being of the first generation in my family to be born in a more economically developed country”.

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