Soundcity Features New PapaRaZzle Single ‘Darling’

Soundcity Features New PapaRaZzle Single ‘Darling’

Dynamic London-based Nigerian artist PAPARAZZLE is thrilled to announce his brand new single ‘DARLING’, as featured in Soundcity, an infectious amapiano track infused with pop and afrobeats sensibilities. Set for release on May 3, ‘Darling’ represents a vibrant departure from PapaRaZzle’s previous mid-tempo love songs, aiming to encapsulate the sweetness and upbeat rhythm of romance in one harmonious track. Inspired by the enduring support and joy brought by a loved one, PapaRaZzle sought to create a song that not only celebrates love but also compels listeners to dance. The choice of the word ‘Darling’ reflects the song’s tender and joyful spirit, underscoring the affectionate tone that permeates this upbeat anthem.

Known for his inventive blend of musical styles that merge afrobeats and dancehall together with pop, R&B, and soul to create something truly magical, PapaRaZzle has done it again with this new single. The creation of ‘Darling’ was a truly international endeavour, with PapaRaZzle in the UK and his trusted producer Kryptian in Nigeria. Despite the distance, they brought the song to life through a lively exchange of ideas via voice notes and emails, refining the track until it resonated with the sweet, upbeat energy that PapaRaZzle envisioned. As ‘Darling’ releases, it stands as a testament to PapaRaZzle’s continued innovation and his commitment to creating music that connects and uplifts.

With this new offering ‘Darling’, PapaRaZzle is hoping to touch the hearts of listeners around the globe with a melody that celebrates affection and companionship. This intent is captured perfectly in the song’s lyrics and the infectious melody that drives ‘Darling’, making it a track that urges joy and dance in equal measure. The title ‘Darling’ is a nod to the affection and deep respect he feels towards his muse, emphasizing the warmth and positivity he aims to spread through his music. This single is not just a continuation of PapaRaZzle’s creative exploration but a heartfelt offering to the world, aiming to restore a bit of romantic joy and danceable delight to everyone who listens.

According to PapaRaZzle, ‘Darling’ is an embodiment of his vision to spread positivity and joy through his music. Speaking further about the inspiration behind the track, PapaRaZzle describes it as his heartfelt tribute to love and romance, “This song is my little contribution to putting some more sweetness, love, and romance back in the world. It is a song that celebrates love, and an appreciation for someone who’s been by your side, plus the song will make you dance. I feel it was my duty to put that energy into the world in the form of music, and I also think ‘Darling’ is such a sweet word, it should be said more (lol). I hope it resonates and people feel it as deeply in their hearts as that’s where it was created from.”


PapaRaZzle is a dynamic London-based afrofusion artist hailing from Nigeria, reshaping the global music landscape with his eclectic blend of afrobeats, R&B, soul, dancehall, rap, and pop music. His innovative sound has not only earned him critical acclaim from the likes of MTV, Wonderland, and BBC 1Xtra, but also a distinctive place in the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. From his beginnings in Nigeria to his early breakthrough in the United Kingdom, PapaRaZzle continues to push musical boundaries, and is being rewarded for it with over six million plays online. As he champions the evolution of afrofusion, PapaRaZzle is poised to forge a legacy of innovation and inspiration with his music.

Reflecting a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence, and a vibrant expression of his cultural heritage, PapaRaZzle is a global ambassador for a new wave of afrofusion music that is as versatile as it is enchanting. His last single ‘Sunset And You’ garnered iTunes R&B Top 10 chart success in countries like Belgium and Russia, while tracks like ‘Angel’ have gone viral, reaching as far as Malawi, where it charted on their Shazam Top 100 Chart, reflecting his broad appeal. PapaRaZzle has also been captivating sold-out audiences across Europe, from London to Paris to Istanbul, showcasing his penchant for unforgettable performances, and his ability to resonate and connect experientially.

His inventive blend of afrobeats, R&B, soul, dancehall, hip-hop, and pop music, as well as his commitment to redefining the afrofusion genre, is seeing PapaRaZzle carve out a niche for himself in global music. Lauded for transcending traditional genre boundaries, his music is a vibrant celebration of cultural exploration and musical innovation. His music is not just an auditory delight, it is a deep dive into the richness of African culture told through sound – challenging and enchanting listeners with its uniqueness. As he continues to explore and fuse different musical traditions, PapaRaZzle is not just creating hits, but fostering a deeper appreciation for the boundless potential of his afrofusion sound.


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