Rolling Stone Features New Erockfor Single ‘Heart’

Rolling Stone Features New Erockfor Single ‘Heart’

Now that she is back home in Montreal after escaping to Korea for six years to get away from her abusive and cheating marriage, Canadian Cameroonian singer, songwriter, actress, burlesque performer and poet EROCKFOR [pronounced eh-ROCK-for] has been chronicling her journey back to healing and restoration by releasing a new single every month since May as she leads up to her highly anticipated debut album PHOENIX, which arrives at the end of October. Her next single ‘HEART’, as featured by Rolling Stone India, is aptly named after the fourth chakra ‘Anahata’, which in Sanskrit for “unhurt” and represents the love, empathy and compassion elements of Erockfor’s journey so far.

Written by Erockfor herself and produced once again by LA-based electronic musician Blaire Michael, who has been working with Erockfor exclusively on the making of the Phoenix album, ‘Heart’ is a powerful slow burning pop offering that is held together perfectly by Erockfor’s vulnerable lyricism, her enchanting vocal performance and the captivating soundscapes. The excellent new track comes on the back of last month’s well-received ‘Sacral’ as well as recent support from the likes of Wonderland Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, Earmilk, Ones To Watch, Exclaim! Magazine, MEFEater and ASBO Magazine over the past few months.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Heart’, Erockfor says, “The song is inspired by the heart chakra and it is yet another step in my healing journey. There was once a time when I didn’t fully love myself. There was once a time I believed I was cursed. My self-talk was extremely negative. There was so much shame surrounding what led me to leave Montreal. Now, my love for self is unconditional. I am proud of myself. I am whole and holy, as I sing in the song. I hope this message reaches a lot of people, because trauma can really make you question your worth. The chorus is a literal love letter to self. So hopefully, listeners can sing along and mean every word”.

After spending six years in Seoul, Erockfor has come full circle and is now back in her hometown in Montreal, where she has been working on her debut album, which explores her journey between the events that caused her to escape to Korea and where she is now, over a genre-bending fusion of sonic beds from jazz and pop to soul to afrobeats and house music. With a very distinctive voice that has brought comparisons to Cyndi Lauper, Macy Gray and Amy Winehouse, Erockfor’s creative outlets also extend beyond music, as the Canadian Cameroonian native is also revered as a burlesque performer, actress and published poet.

Phoenix, the debut album from Erockfor arrives in October 2021, and she has been releasing a new single every month in the lead up to the album since May.

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