PopMatters Premieres New Anise Single ‘Black Eve’

PopMatters Premieres New Anise Single ‘Black Eve’

With her anticipated debut EP Black Eve fast approaching this October and coming on the back of recent support from the likes of Wonderland, Earmilk, PAUSE Magazine, SingersRoom and KAZI Magazine for her two most recent singles ‘Obey’ and ‘Kinfolk’, London-based New York R&B-pop singer, songwriter and producer ANISE is revealing the last single before the EP release and its title track ‘BLACK EVEas premiered by PopMatters, written and produced with her longtime collaborators Alex Dopierala and Terell ‘Tee’ Farrell, who have also worked with the likes of MIC Lowry, Sub Blue and Kayla Grace.

Led by a thumping bassline, her lush vocal tones and warm melodies, which hold your attention from start to finish, ‘Black Eve’ sees ANISE paying homage to Divine Feminine Power as the ideal response to brutality and violence, and a force-for-good that can transform trauma into something greater, while also challenging the hypocrisy of Western narratives that have oppressed minority communities throughout history. While the soundscapes are enthralling and the melodies are infectious, the songwriting on ‘Black Eve’ is where ANISE shines as deliberate and authentic.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Black Eve’, ANISE says, “It isn’t simply a protest song, but a prophetic song of transformation and resurrection. I wrote it as a way of coping with my grief and overwhelm amidst the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and Elijah McClain. The song is a call to channel the Divine Feminine qualities of healing, compassion, nurture and light in response to brutality, as opposed to responding with imbalanced Divine Masculine energy (like unbridled aggression), which many of us are conditioned to believe demonstrates strength”.

ANISE goes on to explain that “if our society could give greater reverence to Divine Feminine Power, that could lead us into a brighter era, where we’re not dealing with these kinds of brutalities constantly. My hope is that ‘Black Eve’ resonates strongly with those in my community and awakens those who have ignored and taken part in our oppression across the globe. The world is finally reawakening to Divine Feminine healing and power, and with Black Eve, I aim to push forward this momentum of Divine Feminine leadership that our world so desperately aches for”.

Originally from New York, ANISE moved to London in 2018 to hone her artistic craft further, and it was here that she developed her sensuous soulful sound, soothing warm vocal tones, intoxicating melodies and poetic songwriting dexterities. Over the past year, ANISE has been working on her debut EP Black Eve, which arrives in October, exploring themes of independence, womanhood, intimacy, empowerment and community, while leaning into her new life in the UK to inspire her artistry and shape her craft, like legendary Black American artists Eartha Kitt and Josephine Baker before her, who found their music home and creative spark in Europe.

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