Notion Magazine Features New Erockfor Album ‘Phoenix’

Notion Magazine Features New Erockfor Album ‘Phoenix’

Canadian Cameroonian artist, songwriter, actress, burlesque performer and poet EROCKFOR has been teasing her highly anticipated debut album PHOENIX, as featured on Notion. Since May she has been releasing one single every month up until now, and along the way catching the attention of Rolling Stone, Wonderland, Flaunt Magazine, Ones To Watch, MEFEater, Exclaim! Magazine and Earmilk, among others, along the way. On October 29, the fast-rising Montreal songstress is excited to finally reveal the symbolic and exciting full length Phoenix project, which has been seven years in the making and chronicles Erockfor finding her way back to healing and restoration after escaping an abusive and adulterous marriage.

Written and composed by Erockfor, with production from LA-based electronic musician Blaire Michael, the 10-track album opens with its first two lead singles ‘I Thought You Love Me’ and ‘I Don’t Want You Back’, which set the stage for the rest of the album – the former sees Erockfor revisiting the heart-wrenching moment of betrayal when she comes home to find another woman on her marital bed, while the latter sees her reclaiming her dignity and committing to move forward from her toxic and traumatic marriage. The Phoenix album allows Erockfor to delve deeper into the heartbreak and infidelity as well as the healing and rebirth that have come in the years since.

For the next seven songs on the album, Erockfor uses the seven main chakras to communicate her healing and restoration journey, which started with her being a shy and traumatized woman running away from her hometown in Montreal to South Korea to escape her toxic marriage. That journey has now come round full circle with Erockfor back in Montreal and living her truest most authentic life, as she describes with the last song on the album titled ‘Rocky’. In between these two realities, Erockfor takes us on an important journey of relearning and self-discovery, from the sexy ‘Sacral’ themed around relearning pleasure and sensuality, to the slow burning ‘Heart’, which represents love, empathy, and compassion, to ‘Crown’, where Erockfor is tapping into her spirituality.

Underpinned throughout the 10-track project by Erockfor’s vulnerable and magnetic songwriting, her enchanting voice, and gloriously lush melodies and harmonies, as well as the captivating genre-defying soundscapes that excellently fuse exquisite indie, pop and alt-pop sensibilities together with resounding jazz, soul and hip-hop elements, the Phoenix album also sees Erockfor in fighting form and protective mode on songs like ‘Root’, calling for us to speak our truths and let it all out on ‘Throat’, and for us to follow our gut and intuition on ‘Third Eye’, while she is all about loving yourself unapologetically on ‘Solar Plexus’. All in all, Phoenix is not only a triumphant album for Erockfor, but it also makes for quintessential listening for us all.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her Phoenix album, Erockfor says, “This album is about my transformation. It’s alchemy. The project starts with the crumbling of my marriage and the infidelity therein. But that pain propelled me towards a life I can’t believe is mine, considering where I started. Seven years ago, I left Montreal a shy, traumatized person. Between then and now, I’ve lived in Korea, performed as a burlesque performer and a jazz singer, and started releasing my own music. I use the seven main chakras to communicate that journey. Now, I’m back in Montreal, and it’s the perfect time to release this album. It’s a love letter to myself and to everyone who listens to it. It’s a reminder that we are all worthy of our own love and that our past doesn’t define us”.

Erockfor has come full circle after leaving Canada seven years ago and spending six years in Seoul, where she rediscovered herself. She is now back in her hometown in Montreal, where she crafted her exciting debut album Phoenix, which chronicles her journey between the abusive and adulterous marriage that caused her to escape to Korea and the woman that she is today, over a genre-defying fusion of sonic beds, from jazz and pop to soul to afrobeats and house music. With a distinctive voice that has brought comparisons to Cyndi Lauper, Macy Gray and Amy Winehouse, Erockfor’s creative outlets also extend beyond music, as the Canadian Cameroonian native is also revered as a burlesque performer, actress and poet.

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