New Noise Magazine Premieres I Am Night Single ‘Delayed Afterlight’

New Noise Magazine Premieres I Am Night Single ‘Delayed Afterlight’

DELAYED AFTERLIGHT’, as premiered by New Noise Magazine, is the brand new single from Baltimore-based Brazilian alternative rock singer, songwriter and producer I AM NIGHT – real name Natália Borges de Oliveira – and the precursor to her upcoming debut EP RETURNING, which is set to be released on September 17. Written and composed by I Am Night, with seasoned musicians Eliot Seppa on bass, John Lee on guitar, and Micha Robinson on keys and synths, the track is produced by Virginia musician and engineer Jack Kilby from award-winning Jazz 6-piece band Jack Kilby And The Front Line.

The fierce track is led by driving drum and guitar arrangements, and underpinned by I Am Night’s piercing vocals and relatable lyrics about finding your way, being yourself and doing what you believe is right, despite what other people may say. According to I Am Night, the track came about when “I had literally hit my lowest point, I was struggling with mine and other people’s expectations of me, but it was in that isolation that this song was birthed, about how trying to meet those expectations was making me depressed, and how I had to commit to finding my own way”.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Delayed Afterlight’, I Am Night says, “the song is about finding your way to becoming the realest unfiltered version of yourself. It’s about denying any external expectations, whether parental or societal, about what is ‘right’ or ‘good’ for you, and doing that for yourself. The track is about really listening to your mind and soul, despite other people’s opinions and judgments, it’s about coming to the realization that only you know your way, your life and what’s best for you – you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be you”.

Born and raised in Brazil, Natália Borges de Oliveira aka I Am Night grew up in a family where both of her parents were professional musicians, which was essential to her own musical development. She began experimenting with music at the tender age of four, and singing became her passion and personal pursuit, with her childhood typified by collaborations with prominent music projects in her hometown in Campo Grand. At 17, she moved to São Paolo to study music at UNASP for two years, before having to move abruptly to the United States with her family. Now at 22, she resides in Baltimore, where she has linked up with Jack Kilby for her debut EP Returning.

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