Music In Africa Features New Nezsa EP ‘Soul Searching’

Music In Africa Features New Nezsa EP ‘Soul Searching’

Toronto-based alternative R&B songstress and Apple Music ‘Up Next’ Artist NEZSA has unveiled her highly anticipated sophomore EP titled SOUL SEARCHING, as featured in Music In Africa, as she invites listeners to embark on a captivating journey of self-discovery and emotional resilience with the rising star as their guide. Out now via emPawa Africa, the EP comes on the back of the success of previously released fan-favourite singles including ‘Trouble’ and ‘Should Have Cared’ that not only heightened expectation among her growing fanbase, but also saw Nezsa garner critical acclaim and rave reviews from tastemaker such as Complex, Notion Magazine, BBC 1Xtra, COLORS, and Earmilk among others, for her sultry and enchanting vocals, lush and layered melodies, and vivid storytelling.

Written and composed by Nezsa, with production coming from long-time collaborators like GMastered and Gbedu Boss, Soul Searching is a mesmerizing collection of six tracks that sees Nezsa delving deep into themes of life, love, loss, and personal growth. Crafted during late-night sessions, the EP reflects Nezsa’s introspective songwriting process, where she found solace in her thoughts and translated them into ethereal melodies. Each track on Soul Searching represents a unique chapter in Nezsa’s journey so far, reflecting her experiences and emotions with raw authenticity. Drawing from her own struggles and triumphs, Nezsa seamlessly weaves together stories of resilience, vulnerability, and self-discovery, inviting listeners to join her on an emotional odyssey.

Over six meticulously crafted tracks, Nezsa embarks on a profound exploration of the human experience on Soul Searching, starting with ‘Pressure’, which delves into the anxieties of living up to expectation, and the resilient ‘Trouble’, where she confronts adversity head-on, and reclaims her power. The EP transitions to a softer tone with ‘Technicolor Bliss’, which paints a vivid picture of idealized romance, juxtaposing fantasy with the bittersweet truth, while ‘Nervous Juice’ aims to guide listeners through the labyrinth of anxiety towards self-discovery and empowerment. As the EP concludes, ‘Should Have Cared’ explores the depths of regret and heartbreak, while ‘NWTG’ navigates the complexities of emotional attachment, weaving a tale of longing and vulnerability.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her Soul Searching EP, Nezsa shares, “Living life, experiencing things, this is a reflection of who I am as an artist, a piece of my soul laid bare for you to hear. This EP marks a turning point. The start of a season where I accept the path I’ve chosen, although fraught with challenges and obstacles. But it’s in embracing those challenges, and in refusing to let go of the one thing that makes sense to me, that I find the strength to keep moving forward. Every note played, every lyric sung, is a testament to the unwavering determination to chase my dreams, no matter how daunting the journey may appear. For in the pursuit of music, I discover not only my truest self but also the boundless possibilities that lie beyond the horizon of doubt.”


Born in Nigeria, and residing in Canada, Nezsa has emerged as an alternative R&B rising star, celebrated for her seamless blend of pop, R&B, neo-soul, and indie music. With a glorious discography that boasts the fan-favourite debut EP Bitter-Sweet, and scene-stealing singles like ‘Trouble’ and ‘Should Have Cared’, Nezsa has set herself apart with her enchanting voice, intricate lyricism, and raw emotional delivery. She was recently spotlighted as Apple Music’s ‘Up Next’ artist, and featured on Spotify’s coveted ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist, while also being championed by Complex, BBC 1Xtra, Earmilk and COLORS, among others. Nezsa has also shared the stage with industry heavyweights like Adekunle Gold, and Tiwa Savage, and amassed over 3 million plays online.

Nezsa’s artistic influences, spanning from Frank Ocean and Rihanna to Lana Del Rey to Coldplay, reflect her genre-fluid approach to music, as she continues to redefine the boundaries of alternative R&B. Driven by a desire to connect deeply with listeners, Nezsa’s music serves as a vessel for her vivid and relatable storytelling that draws inspiration from everyday encounters and personal reflections. With her sophomore EP Soul Searching, Nezsa continues to captivate listeners with her genre-blurring soundscapes, showcasing her prowess as a songwriter, vocalist, and visionary up-and-coming artist. As she embarks on the next chapter in her musical journey, the Toronto-based riser has emerged as a beacon of authenticity and lyrical depth in today’s global music landscape.

1. Pressure
2. Trouble
3. Technicolor Bliss
4. Nervous Juice
5. Should Have Cared

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