Global Grind Features New Senth EP ‘Wayyy Saucy’

Global Grind Features New Senth EP ‘Wayyy Saucy’

Less than 12 months since he burst onto the global music scene with his glorious debut EP Senth Of Her, which was championed by The Guardian Nigeria, Pulse Nigeria, and Not Just OK, among others, and birthed the massive hit track ‘Dagger’ that has amassed over three million plays online, Nigerian alté and R&B sensation SENTH is back with his highly anticipated sophomore EP titled WAYYY SAUCY, as featured in Global Grind. Released on November 23 in partnership with EMPIRE, this new project marks a significant milestone in his forward-thinking artistic journey, and offers a testament to Senth’s evolving musical prowess. Unfolding as a richly layered narrative from start to finish, the Wayyy Saucy EP showcases Senth’s extraordinary ability to delve into the complex tapestry of human emotions, navigating through themes of love, desire, and sensuality, with his soulfully sultry vocals and deeply resonant lyrics.

Collaborating with producers from all corners of the globe including Belgian beatsmith Nanzoo, Manchester-based OracleBeats, Wavytrbl from Italy, and Maryland’s eeryskies to highlight his penchant for international flavours, Senth himself plays a pivotal role in the production process of Wayyy Saucy, ensuring that each track reflects his unique artistic vision, and rich tapestry of soundscapes. Describing the project as his process of “blossoming into full potential,” Senth takes listeners on an immersive musical journey with this record. On Wayyy Saucy, Senth crafts a narrative that transcends mere musical expression, inviting listeners into the ‘Saucy Crib’ – a world where each track becomes a journey of passionate and heartfelt experiences, told through Senth’s soulful artistry that blends his heartfelt vocals and evocative songwriting, with the rhythmic pulse of contemporary R&B and alternative music.

Wayyy Saucy features a collection of distinct singles, each resonating with its own unique vibe and story. ‘Good Morning’ is a tender love song filled with the warmth and euphoria of waking up next to a loved one, while ‘Lucy’, Senth’s favourite track on the project, and a self-proclaimed anthem for women, is perfect for any weather or mood. ‘Bend It’ represents Senth’s experimental foray into new musical realms, co-producing the track to add an extra layer of spice to the EP. ‘On My Mind’, a song he first recorded in 2021, stands out as a timeless favourite for Senth, showcasing its enduring appeal. The deeply personal ‘Deserve Better’ delves into themes of self-love and overcoming self-doubt, inspired by the transformative impact of J Cole’s ‘Love Yours’ on Senth’s journey towards self-acceptance. This EP not only highlights Senth’s growth as an artist, but also offers listeners a rich, emotive experience through his music.

On the back of his now cult-classic debut EP Senth Of Her, and massive hit single ‘Dagger’, Nigerian alté R&B singer and producer Senth has swiftly risen as a formidable force in the global music, and is firmly establishing himself as an artist who defies conventional genre boundaries to push the limits of artistic expression, transcend musical expectations, and expand the boundaries of Alté and R&B music. With his new project Wayyy Saucy, fans, critics, and new listeners alike are invited to embark on a captivating auditory journey, where Senth’s soulful melodies and evocative storytelling promise an unforgettable listening experience. The EP is an exploratory venture that sees Senth pushing the envelope in terms of production and lyrical depth, delivering a sound that is not only unique to his artistic character, but also a beacon of innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of global music.

1. Good Morning
2. Deserve Better
3. Bend It
4. Lucy
5. On My Mind

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