FAME Magazine Premieres New Sonic Break ‘Spaceman’ Single

FAME Magazine Premieres New Sonic Break ‘Spaceman’ Single

Led by brothers Rory (vocals and lead guitar) and Jamie Mackay (vocals and rhythm guitar), alongside Ryan Grohn on drums, and Ashish Shenoy on backing vocals and bass guitar, SONIC BREAK are an exciting alternative rock band from Vancouver that are becoming quickly revered for driving their own unique slant of alternative rock, which blends their original alt rock edge, with upbeat indie pop sensibilities and accessibility, as is abundantly evident on their brand new single titled ‘SPACEMAN’, as premiered via Fame Magazine, which is the first offering from their forthcoming debut EP Is This An Intervention?

Described as possessing a diverse and distinct sound, which is a melting pot of rock, grunge, and pop music influences, while offering a rocking live performance experience that is brimming with searing leads, body-moving instrumentation, catchy melodies, and memorable lyrics, Sonic Break burst onto the Canadian rock music scene last year with their excellent debut single ‘Collide’, which went on to garner over 50,000 streams on Spotify, and led to the exciting 4-piece band conquering live gigs up and down their Vancouver, before getting signed by renowned talent agency Live Acts Canada.

Their new single ‘Spaceman’ sees Sonic Break collaborating with acclaimed Canadian music producer Darren Grahn, who has previously worked with rock royalty such as Metallica, Bon Jovi, and Motley Crue, among others. With Grahn’s support, Sonic Break have delivered an infectious indie rock jam, underpinned by lush indie pop sensibilities, rich vocal harmonies, and captivating guitar and drum arrangements. The lyrics follow in the same vein, with its hopeful and life-affirming message of not letting setbacks stop you from following your dreams.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Spaceman’, Sonic Break say, “we were making a conscious effort to write music designed to make the listener feel good, and as soon as that first guitar riff hit, we immediately knew we had something special. ‘Spaceman’ is about that person you know in your life, who is bursting with potential, yet has been struggling. It is an upbeat and hopeful song that chronicles that person’s refusal to let failure stand in the way of their dreams and the inspiration that everyone around them experiences in the event of their ultimate meteoric rise”.

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