Complex Premieres New No Tourists EP ‘Guerilla’

Complex Premieres New No Tourists EP ‘Guerilla’

GUERILLA, as premiered by Complex, is the excellent sophomore EP from exciting black music collective NO TOURISTS, who effortlessly explore and fuse hip hop, grime, R&B, house music, dancehall, jazz and funk to create a sound that is uniquely No Tourists, with an emphasis on authenticity, experimentation and community. The collective is made up of five independent artists and two producers based in Toronto, including COLORS, Complex and Red Bull Music supported French-Congolese rapper Keynes Woods, and Nigerian-born musician and Garçons frontman Deelo Avery, who already has over a million streams under his belt, along with support from The FADER, Pigeons & Planes, and Lyrical Lemonade.

With in-house production from universes, Abdullah and geezr, the Guerilla EP comes on the back of No Tourists’ seminal debut EP Snow Tourists, which was released only just six months ago. The 3-track EP opens with the UK drill and grime influenced lead single ‘Dumbo’, followed by the dynamic, hard hitting and infectious rap posse cut ‘Safe Bet’, before closing out with the experimental and psychedelic offering ‘Gas’, which represents what No Tourists want to deliver with the Guerilla EP – authenticity, experimentation, community and something truly seminal and unheard of in 2020, while also paying homage to the music and cultures that have inspired them, such as UK drill, grime and experimental hip hop.

Speaking about their inspiration behind the Guerilla EP, No Tourists say, “prior to forming No Tourists, and as individual artists, we have always been fans and creators of several genres of music. Whether it be hip hop, grime, jazz, funk, R&B, house or dancehall, we have always strived to diversify our musical palette through our own work or through collaborative efforts. However, when we came around to developing our own sound, we always wanted to dive deeper into the art beyond just a musical standpoint. We wanted to create worlds where our listeners can engulf themselves and feel a deeper sense of connection with the art that we are creating.

‘Guerilla’ is our first conceptual attempt at creating and showcasing a world where No Tourists boast an aggressive and gritty attitude that is demonstrated through the soundtrack and the visuals that we pair with it. We wanted it to feel raw, heavy, and just all out insane, guiding listener through this world we’ve developed in Toronto. Once this concept had come into fruition, Dumbo’ kickstarted an intensive pursuit with a heavy focus on creating a louder and more energetic creative and songwriting process. Through the collective efforts of the team, we wrote, produced and recorded a series of songs that we felt had strongly resonated with this original concept”.

Highly recommended if you like collectives like Brockhampton, Boy Better Know, NSG, TDE and Odd Future that have paved the way for them, No Tourists – Deelo Avery, James Wesson, Kafayé, Keynes Woods, Lan’do and producers universes and Abdullah – want to create a musical world where both the artist and listener can be their purest selves. The versatility and eclecticism in their sound can be attributed to more than half of the group’s members being born and raised outside Canada. All of No Tourists’ music is self-written, self-produced and recorded in house, marrying the spontaneity of a jam session with a polished attention to detail and craft.

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